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HR and GPDR…Get ready for the inevitable?

Updating Our Client Base Like it or not, the GDPR is coming towards us like a train with no breaks. By now you should have a plan as to what needs to be done, when and how you’re planning to do it. I’ve already contacted my clients telling them what we need to do. If […]

How a Virtual Assistant can help during the Christmas period

Do you get a warm glow when you think about the upcoming Christmas festivities, or are you breaking into a sweat thinking about how to get everything done in a short business month? Now is a great time to hire a virtual assistant for some Christmas help. You still have time to hire and train a virtual assistant […]

5 Tips Guaranteed to Make Property Management Easier

A property manager’s job can get quite distressing and troublesome if not handled properly. It gets hard enough to keep implementing time management strategies, especially when you have to take care of the efficiency of your whole team, as well as vendors and contractors.

Best Places With Free Wifi in London

Free…? Free You Say! If you live in London then you will be extremely familiar with the busy lifestyle where you try to mix work and pleasure together. Working in London or even living in London means that you are never far away from a free WiFi connection and that is always a good thing! […]

5 Tips To Keeping Home Safe While On Holiday

Ensure the Safety of Your Home While Away Going on holiday is an exciting time but coming home to find out that your home has been burgled is not so good but neither is coming home to a burnt down house. To ensure that you fully relax while on holiday there are a few things […]

10 Unique and Unusual Restaurants Around The World

If you like your food but also like to try something different then why not take a look at the following restaurants. They range from creepy to strange to completely crazy but all promise to offer you an experience you will never forget.


Most of us would agree, there are never enough hours in the day. Generally speaking, for most of us there isn’t enough time to complete all the tasks we hope to accomplish in any given day – and almost invariably, it seems that most days and weeks turn into a struggle to complete the items […]